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Former special agent transitions from investigator to educator
Posted by Ryan Pitkin on May 15, 2015 in News
Local private eye publishes first book, has two more on the way

LAKE PARK – The village of Lake Park, home of Charles Williams’s business, HDI Investigations, couldn’t be further from the streets of New York City, where Williams once spent more than two decades as a special agent for the FBI.

When Williams moved to Indian Trail and began his business in the village of about 2,000 people after retiring from the bureau in 2006, it took him a while to make peace with the transition.

“I lived in NYC for 21 years and it was nothing but concrete and streetlights and skyscrapers, so you get used to that fast pace,” Williams said. “It took me a little while to adjust to the slower pace here, the smaller amount of people. After a while, I came to appreciate seeing the cows in the pastures.”


Welcome to HDI Investigation

Welcome to HDI! I wanted to take just a moment and give you some reasons why you should consider giving HDI Investigation an opportunity to meet your firm’s investigative needs: I have over 23 years of experience as a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent. I have brought the same sense of duty, integrity, […]

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Professionals In Residence

A CAREER IN SECURITY MANAGEMENT: Wednesday, October 28, 2015 9:30 a.m. to 10:30a.m. & 1:45p.m. to 2:45p.m.