C.A.R.E. Without Deadly Force

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The Dynamics of Street Arrest Using Delayed Reaction Time
Authored by Mr. Charles E. Williams

This book encompasses more than 23 years of investigative experience as a FBI Special Agent. Williams spent 13 of those years as a member of the prestigious New York City FBI Fugitive Task Force and was involved in more than 500 arrests..Williams co-authored his book with Dayn Derose, M.A. and Daryn Derose, PhD. This book is very timely, considering the police shooting incidents in Ferguson, Mo., Charleston, SC and the recent choking death in New York City along with other deaths where excessive physical force was allegedly used. Williams has published a book giving law enforcement officers another option. It is an option focused on their safety and the reduction of the use of great physical force and therefore in many situations placing lethal force as a secondary option. He explains in his book that every arrest does not require the use of deadly force or great physical force. We are in era where community policing has come to rely on the mindset that weapons, violent choke holds, or a show of force reliant on high capacity assault weapons and SWAT type tactics followed by the command to freeze or get shot is the way to go! His book explains how a subject can be safely and effectively arrested by using a natural and unavoidable phenomenon called Delayed Reaction Time (DRT) combined with team coordination and a new mindset relative how a street arrest can be executed.

His book also explains:

  • How the human body cannot avoid a DRT response to a given stimuli
  • How a trained arrest team can exploit the delayed reaction in a subject
  • Step-by-step illustration on how to conduct a street arrest using DRT
  • How the exploitation of DRT places the officers and the subject in the safest position
  • How to properly gain physical control of the suspect
  • How to best utilize the environment where the arrest is taking place and much more

The author has put the reader right on the street with the arrest team, offering a front-row seat into the mind of the arresting agent and the subject of the arrest

C.A.R.E. An Investigative Way of Life

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Expert Interviewing System To Gain Control, Cooperation and Detect Deception
Authored by Mr. Charles E. Williams
Edited by D. Marie Bouie

C.A.R.E. – An Investigative Way of Life will greatly improve your efforts as an investigative interviewer. Eliminate interview resistance and maximize control. Understand your role as an interviewer and learn how to apply the dynamics of reciprocity to get exactly what you need from anyone you interview.

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