About Us

Welcome to HDI!

I wanted to take just a moment and give you some reasons why you should consider giving HDI Investigation an opportunity to meet your firm’s investigative needs:
I have over 23 years of experience as a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent. I have brought the same sense of duty, integrity, honor and skill that made me a very successful FBI agent over to HDI Investigation Service. I also have eight years of private investigation experience. In addition I have assembled an outstanding “Team” at HDI and as a team we have over 70 years of extensive investigative experience.

We specialize in criminal defense cases. We have investigated several capital cases. We have also conducted numerous, 1st degree and 2nd degree murder cases as well as kidnapping, carjacking, rape and armed robberies cases. We have worked for a number of notable attorneys such as Grady Jessup, Johneric Emehel, Norman Butler, W. Terry Sherrill, Robert Torbich, Chuck Morgan, Julie Boyer, Ken Snow, Chiege Okwara and many others.

At HDI we believe as Booker T. Washington once said “Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Charles Williams

President & CEO,

HDI Investigation Service, Inc.

HDI Investigation & Executive Protection Service, Inc. was founded by President & CEO Charles Williams soon after he retired in 2006 from 23 years of meritorious service as a FBI Special Agent. During his career as an FBI Special Agent Charles received numerous letters of commendation from the Director of the FBI for exemplary performance in the line of duty.

In 2006, Charles opened investigative offices in Newark, NJ, Albany, NY. In 2009 Charles decided consolidate his investigative efforts in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. HDI’s core values of Honor, Duty and Integrity are the values that were instilled in Charles during his extraordinary career as an FBI Special Agent. Those are the same core values that every HDI investigator must believe in and continually strive to achieve and maintain.

Williams brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of private investigation. As a Special Agent he worked extensively in the areas of Violent Crimes, National Security, Terrorism, Background investigations and Surveillance. Williams was also a FBI certified undercover agent, a Reserve Team Crisis Negotiator, FBI Assessor, Community Outreach Specialist and a certified General Police Instructor.

Our firm believes in training our investigators in the use of the most advanced state-of-the-art investigative techniques and record search and retrieval systems in the industry. All of our investigators have been trained in investigation and interviewing and are committed to providing the highest quality investigative service possible.

HDI’s founder Charles Williams spent more than two decades conducting successful complex investigations, surveillances, report writing and court testimony at the highest level of law enforcement the “Federal Bureau of Investigation.” He has successfully transferred that same level of success and commitment to HDI